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Organ Donation on Facebook?

The world today is much more connected than it was previously thanks to our advances in technology. We also have the ability to know exactly what our friends are doing at any given time, without speaking a word to each other. Facebook is one such medium that allows a person to broadcast to the world, […]

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What to do Right After Executing Your Will

Executing a will is a great step in preparing your estate plan but there are certain things you must do afterward. Having a will makes you more prepared than the majority of Americans but a will only describes how your assets are divided, not where the assets are located or how to access them. To […]

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Is Joint Property Subject to Estate Tax?

When a loved one dies, most often, they leave their belongings to their heirs in a will. These assets are subject to the estate tax. However, some assets avoid probate entirely and pass automatically. One such asset is jointly owned property. Jointly owned property avoids the probate process. Why? Because jointly owned property is not […]

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