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End of Year Gifting

It’s that time of year again: presents! Yay! Everyone loves unwrapping gifts and seeing what waits inside (hopefully not a tie or sweater). What’s the best gift to give? If you ask fifty people, you’d receive fifty different answers. But, from an estate planning and tax viewpoint, what’s the best gift? Cash is still king. […]

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Organ Donation on Facebook?

The world today is much more connected than it was previously thanks to our advances in technology. We also have the ability to know exactly what our friends are doing at any given time, without speaking a word to each other. Facebook is one such medium that allows a person to broadcast to the world, […]

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Asset Planning – More Important than Ever?

Asset Planning – More Important than Ever?               It’s the day after taxes are due and many of us are breathing a sigh of relief that the last minute rush of filing is now over. While some of us moan and groan about the money we paid in, and others anxiously await our fruits […]

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Right to Privacy and Social Media

Right to Privacy and Social Media   Social media has rapidly become the biggest friend and enemy of jobseekers. Persons seeking employment now have numerous opportunities to post their resumes and create professional profiles on numerous sites such as Linked In, but their private information could prove to be a setback. Many recent surveys revealed […]

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