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Family Law

Family law covers a broad arrange of topics from dissolution of a marriage, child support issues, custody issues, or restraining orders. At Levy & Associates, P.A. we handle all of these areas.

Dissolution of Marriage

Going through a divorce is often the most difficult time of a person’s life, particularly when children our involved. Attorney Eskin, leaning on her mediation background, believes the best results often come when the parties can work together to reach an amicable solution. However, when if that is not possible, our attorneys are prepared to protect the rights of our clients going through a divorce.

A divorce involves can involve a multitude of issues, such as dividing up marital property, determining if one party is entitled to alimony, and calculating the appropriate amount of child support. It is important for a party going through a divorce to have quality counsel, as knowing what argument to make and how to make them can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

There are three basic types of dissolution actions:

    1. Simplified Dissolution of Marriage—available to those who have no minor children, no alimony is being sought, and you and your spouse have agreed on how to distribute marital assets and liabilities
    2. Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage—available to those who have reached a settlement agreement on all issues surrounding the dissolution (alimony, child support, parenting plan, division of assets and liabilities)
    3. Contested Dissolution of Marriage—when parties are unable to reach an agreement on some aspect of the dissolution

At Levy & Associates, P.A., we assist clients in all the forms of dissolution of marriage. We provide cost effective assistance in clients going through a simplified dissolution of marriage to ensure all the paperwork is prepared correctly and appropriately filed.

The Attorneys at Levy & Associates, P.A., also assist clients in preparing the necessary documents for an uncontested divorce. Upon filing a dissolution, mediation is often required to try and work out an agreement between the parties. As a mediator, Attorney Eskin is able to assist clients in reaching an amicable agreement, which often results in the best and most cost effective divorce. If all parties reach an agreement, a Court appearance may not be required.

Should the parties fail to reach an agreement and the dissolution becomes contested, the attorneys at Levy & Associates, P.A., have the experience necessary to effectively advocate for their clients in Court.

After a party obtains a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, it may be necessary to bring Court action to enforce the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. If your former spouse fails to abide by the Final Judgment, an enforcement action may be necessary. At Levy & Associates, P.A., we assist clients in enforcing their Final Judgment and Marital Settlement Agreements to ensure their rights are being protected.


Absent a Court adopted parenting plan, both parents of a child have equal rights to the custody and control of the child. The attorneys at Levy & Associates, P.A., assist clients going through a dissolution or otherwise establish a parenting plan for their children.

In general, if there a minor children of the marriage, a parenting class and certificate of completion is required.

Additionally, parents contemplating divorce or custody changes must submit financial affidavits

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements need to be completed as early as possible when planning a wedding, as entering into these agreements too close to the wedding can be a means of setting aside the agreement.  Each party must be represented by a separate attorney and financial affidavits outlining all assets must be exchanged so that both parties enter into the agreement with a clear understanding of the repercussions of the agreement in the event of divorce and even more importantly, in the event of death.  Because of a traditional goal of retaining family assets within the family bloodline, a prenuptial agreement can help avoid long held family assets going to a successor spouse.

Prenuptial agreements can also protect long term couples who do not intend to marry, but want to outline what will happen with specific assets in the event of termination of the relationship.  This should also be accompanied by complete estate planning documents.

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